Take back Control of your life- in just 90 days!

Manage your time. Manage your home- and take care of YOU at the same time.

Are you a busy mom who feels exhausted, drained and tired all the time?

Have you been wanting more energy, to be more organized and just get your life in order, but you don’t know where to start?

Is your home completely out of control- like everything is just a whirlwind of toys, laundry, screams, and stress?

Do you crave relaxation and time to yourself- but feel guilty at the same time?

Are you feeling totally overwhelmed and over run by this thing we call #MomLife?

If you said “Yes” to any of the questions above- rest assured - the #MomLife Manager Coaching Program was designed just for you!

I assure you… I know exactly where you are and I totally understand! Before I began the journey to take back control of my life, I sulked day in and day out about my life as a mom with 5 children, whose house was always a mess and who was totally grumpy and exhausted before I even woke up and started my day!

My days would breeze by so fast and when it was time for dinner, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to make, let alone a clean pot to cook in or clean dishes to serve whatever I decided to make! By the time I went to bed, everything was in total disarray and I had no idea what I did with my day besides yell, be stressed and feel like a total failure at this #MomLife thing.

I was totally frazzled, overwhelmed and riddled with guilt about all the "would-ofs, could-ofs, and should-ofs" from the day. I couldn’t stand how frustrated I was and the amount of times I lost my cool in simple situations!

Then I realized, I had to do something different if I wanted my time, my health, and my home to change for the better. I had to figure out how I could have the life I really wanted and take back control of my time and home - but I also wanted to take care of myself in the process!

The #MomLife Manager program is based on the exact steps I took to do just that!


With the 90 Day #MomLife Manager program, you can expect to:

  • Gain clarity about what’s most important to you, so you can have a life that flourishes around your values

  • Dig deeper to confront blockages so you can get “unstuck”

  • Plan and organize your time to get the important things done, while making more time for self-care and relaxation

  • Practice mindfulness and manage the stressors that come in your daily life

  • Learn about basic nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits to jump start your health and wellness goals

  • Love YOU and make time to do the things YOU enjoy - without guilt

The #MomLife Manager Program is about:

  • Creating small, manageable changes over time to help you meet your lifestyle goals and feel good again

  • Establishing systems to help you manage your life

  • Learning how to take care of yourself with daily self-care practices

  • Focus on your well being - both inside and out

This program is not about:

  • Quick fixes and generic, done for you solutions

  • Feeling Guilty and Overwhelmed

  • Restrictions and lists of what you cannot do, but rather what you CAN do to achieve the life you want

  • Comparison or trying to be like other moms

Doesn’t this sounds amazing?

This program is everything I wish I had when I first began learning how to manage this thing called #MomLife!

Hey! I’m Cordelia, your #MomLife Coach!


Not too long ago, I was a mom that was depressed and resentful. Day in and day out, I carried the burden of bitterness, hurt and anger. I was stuck emotionally and controlled by fear, whether it was fear of loss, fear of failure and just plain anxiety about my future.

I was losing hope that I could accomplish my dreams and live the life I wanted to live. At every turn, I found a reason why I could NOT do something- whether it was money, time, caring for my children... You name it - I saw it as an obstacle. I was beyond overwhelmed, and at my lowest point, I felt helpless, exhausted and I was tired of taking care of everyone else, while feeling neglected and worn down.

Then came the moment when I was hoping and praying for a change - just longing for my life to be different. I wanted an opportunity to show up so I can just take it...and then it hit me... that's what I needed to do!

Take the opportunity, by finding contentment in what I already had and making the best use of the time I already had!

So I took some time to find out what I really wanted in life and what was most important. I used the answers to those questions to create goals and guide my monthly, weekly and daily tasks. I started deliberately taking time for self-care and created systems for meal planning, budgeting and managing my home on a daily basis! I found my old time log that I used in my college days and tweaked it to fit my #MomLife and this completely changed the direction of my life!

Now I get up and start my days with intention and joy. I have direction, clarity and purpose, and I am able to get the important things done, while having plenty of time for self-care, reflection and relaxation. The techniques I used to manage my time and organize my life, allowed me to go back to school and become a certified Integrative Lifestyle Coach, start a blog, homeschool my children and build a business that I love. My life is fulfilling, balanced and productive- not just busy!

These techniques are exactly what I share in the #MomLife Manager Program and I can’t wait to share them with you! I am confident that our work together will help you take back your life from chaos and overwhelm, as you find clarity, purpose and restore your happiness!


  • a more calm and peaceful life

  • having momentum to your day and getting things done

  • Having more time to relax and do things that fulfill you

  • Having someone who knows first hand what its like to be a mom- to support and encourage you

  • Gaining clarity around your personal and family goals, and being able to balance them all

…It’s totally possible and I can be there with you every step of the way!

What does the #MomLife Manager Program include?

I want to tailor this experience to YOU, so as we work together, we will focus on a specific topics to create systems and solutions as it relates to YOUR personal goals, YOUR home, YOUR desired lifestyle, and YOUR self- care and wellness goals.

We will have:

(8) personalized coaching calls via Zoom video (valued at $1200 )

Email communication between sessions

Notes and handouts for each session

A personalized #MomLife action plan ($497 value)

Additional accountability and support as a member of the #MomLife Manager FB group

Access to all workshops and classes during coaching program (over $50 in value)

Your Investment for the Individualized #MomLife 1:1 Coaching is only $997!! That is a savings of over $600 for compassionate, supportive and personalized coaching from a trained coach who truly understands #MomLife.

You are not alone in this journey.

Evolution Mama is a holistic lifestyle company designed to help busy mamas- just like YOU- take back their time, manage their homes, and take care of themselves, while taking care of their families! Combining over 17 years of motherhood experience, with my certified coaching training and personal life experiences, moms that work with me in my signature coaching programs are able to make small, manageable changes that allow them to feel good again, increase their energy and confidence, and gain control of their time, home and life!

I am so excited to work with you to create the life you want. Let's work TOGETHER and discover what YOUR evolution will look like!

Are you ready to finally have the calm and peace that comes from a well planned and organized life? Are you eager to finally have the self-care and relaxation you crave? I invite you to have a FREE #MomLife Chat Session with me, where we will talk about your goals & desires and how this program can help get you there. I am so excited and look forward to speaking with you about the beginning of your beautiful journey!