Self-Care Tips

Self Love Starts with Self-Care

When I searched through many sources to find a concrete definition for self-love and how it can pertain to us busy moms, I came up with this: "Self-love is when you prioritize your own personal happiness and well being." This “definition” may get the side eye, however, I’m not defining self-love in the manner of arrogance, selfishness or like having a superior complex, where you look down on others to boost your own ego... I'm not defining it as a means or platform to neglect or ignore the other important people in your life... No! That is not it at all!

5 Easy Ways to Start Self-Care Today

When starting on your daily self-care journey, you must remember that self-care looks different for everybody and there is no one size fits all! Just because all the moms from the local FB group are doing something, does not mean you have to… It may not even work for you. Why? Because