5 Easy Steps to Planning a Productive Week for Busy Moms

5 Easy Steps to Planning a Productive Week for Busy Moms

You may be asking… Can we have a productive week?? Even at home with five kiddos, a business, laundry, dishes and extra-curricular activities?? A productive week?? Even when there are deadlines to meet at work, endless “staff meetings” where nothing is really being said, a business to run solo and also get the children fed and out the door each day… with matching shoes? Yes, you can have a productive week mama, no matter what your days may look like - and planning will help you do just that.

A productive week is something we all strive for as busy mamas. We want to get the important things done, keep our homes in tidy enough, eat, shower and spend time with our family. Although this seems like a fantasy or even far fetched, incorporating planning into your life, is a way to help to decrease the stress you may be feeling when you hear the words”productivity” “motherhood” and “home life” together :)

To begin, set aside a specific time each week to plan your life… seriously... it makes all the difference. Below is the 5 step system I use to have a productive week.

  1. Review and Reflect on the previous week.

  2. Scan the upcoming weeks’ events, appointments, etc. Mark obligations and “must-do’s” on your calendar.

  3. Check the upcoming weather.

  4. Decide what you will do with your remaining hours based on your most important “Roles and Goals”

  5. Put all of your tasks for the week in your planner (digital or paper).

Once you put your tasks in your planner, you have your game plan the week and you can make the most of your time and maximize your productivity. The great thing about this process is you can use a notebook, your wall calendar, your phone calendar, or any other way of organizing and planning your time. The key is to just plan it out. There is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that says “It takes as much energy to wish, as it does to plan.” I don’t think anything else rings as true as this statement.

Many times as busy mamas, we back over our days and wish we could have done more, done less, said no, remembered that appointment and the list of wishes can go on and on. That’s where this simple system comes into play because setting aside the time to plan your week, shortens your “wish list” while increasing productivity in your personal, home and family life.

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