6 Steps to Setting Goals for Busy Moms

6 Steps to Setting Goals for Busy Moms


Goal setting is great way to create the life you want. As moms, we often can get caught up in the day to day tasks - appointments, laundry, homework, nursing, shopping, cleaning, pickups drops offs- etc. etc. etc.  How often can you say that those tasks help you create or life you want? That you are fulfilled and pursuing your personal life goals? That you are setting goals that resonate with the most important areas of your life? Furthermore, that you are reaching those goals?

If you can answer a resounding “Yes” then that is awesome and amazing and wonderful and all of those things. Keep doing what you’re doing, but if you’re anything like me and many other moms in this community, I was confused and disconnected from those questions because I used to think that “Mom Life” did not include me. Too often, I would set goals that did not align with the life I wanted to have based on what society says my goals “should be” or the unwarranted feedback of well meaning family members, friend and that family at the park.

Once I started digging deep to find what I really wanted out of life, I was able to create goals that resonated fully with what mattered the most to me- and focus on those things. I began to find ways to make time in my daily life for my goals it has made a huge difference.

I’m more motivated. I have momentum to my day. I find that I am less stressed and overwhelmed, because I know that my day to day tasks now include my vision for my life. I’m no longer focusing solely on what works for everyone else.

So I want to share the process I use to set and reach goals. I find this process to be very refreshing and introspective, however it does take some time. So, before you start, set aside time and space for the goal setting task. Get your journal, a candle, some snacks, a glass of water and a glass of wine.. .and let’s set some Mom Life Goals!



Take time to think about the previous year.  What are the highlights and most memorable times? What are some things you have accomplished? What lessons have you learned? What do you want more of? What do you want to change?


Think about what is most important in your life. As a mom, I find that the answers to this question usually fall into these 7 main areas, which I have termed - “The #Mom Life Zone”:

  • Spiritual

  • Family

  • Home

  • Finances

  • Health & Wellness

  • Relationships

  • Self-Care & Leisure

Each of these can be broken down even further of course, but “The Mom Life Zone” will serve as your guideline to determine what your priorities are - your “non-negotiables.”

What are your priorities? Why are these things important to you?

Knowing your “Whys” is one of the most important part of this process. I remember seeing this quote “Reasons Reap Results” and as a mom, I interpreted this as -your “Whys” are your reasons and help you achieve your goals and create the life you want.


Imagine yourself at the end of this year. Based on your “whys” and your priorities, what does your life look like? How do you feel? What do you look like? What have you accomplished in the year?

This will be the foundation for setting your goals.


Now is the time to create your goals! Using the “Mom Life Zones,” your vision for your year and your priorities- set a goal in each of the areas.
These will be your BIG goals and will serve as your main focus and guide you through the rest of this process. It’s what you want most Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Financially (the main Mom life areas all fall into these categories).

Once you have your BIG goals, it’s time to refine them into smaller “focuses.” This is the time to be realistic as you break down your BIG goals into refined, very specific goals that are based on what matters the most.

Step 5: THE SET UP

Set yourself up for success. What do your days and weeks need to look like in order for you to reach your goals?  What routines need to be in place? (self-care, mornings, nighttime, family schedule) What support do you need? What will you do when you face some challenges or obstacles to reaching your goals?


Put your plans into action. This is where the magic happens. Where you actually do the work to reach your goals.

Start by creating an action plan by choosing 3 - 4 “focuses” or tasks for the month, then use those to guide your weekly and daily to-dos and tasks.These tasks and focuses should be based on your overall goals and the break down.

Putting your plans into action will ensure that you are making time for your dreams and goals, which will help you avoid overwhelm, decrease your stress, and most importantly help you create the life you want.


BONUS: Celebrate your wins! Each time you complete a step that gets you closer to your BIG goal- CELEBRATE YOU!!

As you can see, it is possible and using this 6 step goal setting method will help you achieve the Mom Life you really want!  

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