7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is coming! Time for warm weather- Sunshine- the Refreshing Rain- the beautiful sounds of the chirping birds- and the pretty blossoms of flowers and colorful Tulips we've grown to admire. There's something special about feeling the warmth of the sun, when you've had to brave those cold, dreary winter months! It breathes new life into us and makes us want to make everything new and clean.. Makes you want to Spring Clean! 

Now, Spring Cleaning isn't a new concept. Of course you want to eliminate the dust pile that has accumulated on top of the ceiling fans, and let's not forget the "catch all" storage closet or space on your kitchen counters... but when you limit your "cleaning" to only the eye sores in your home begging to be relieved,  you may be leaving much more undone. Why not Spring Clean your entire life?! 

Odd concept? Maybe... but viewing your entire life as something you can "spring clean" may be a new, yet great idea for you. Using this season as one to reevaluate the old and breathe in the new just feels so natural and satisfying. If you’re wondering what you can do to spring clean your life, keep reading for a few suggestions!


Clean and Clear

We're going to start this off with the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Spring Cleaning- your home. You home is your sacred space and starting with the basics of your living environment can change the entire feel of your space.  De-cluttering that storage closet, moving around some furniture and giving your home a good deep clean renews your energy and can rejuvenate you in many ways, bringing a lighter, happy feeling as the sunshine rolls in with Spring. 

Remove Negativity

Whether that be negative people in your life or simply bad habits that you have been determined to get rid of, use this time as an opportunity to get rid of anything that has been blocking you and getting in the way of the life you want to live. What comes to mind immediately when you read this? Whatever that is, chances are, it's precisely what you need to work on releasing. As you are doing this important work of "releasing negativity", make sure to replace negatives in your life with something positive, whether it's affirmations, new routines or renewed relationships. 

Disconnect to Connect More

When you aren't at work, take time off from technology as much as possible. Use that time to connect with your family over a meal or simply having a conversation and being present with your children. It is also a great way to connect with other people face-to-face -- meet your friends for lunch, read a book, explore a new area... anything that keeps you from continually being glued to a screen. Even if you start with a set amount of screen-free hours per day, you'll be making a huge difference in your relationships by giving them your time and attention. 


Refresh your Fitness

Have you been doing the same old fitness routine all Winter or maybe you haven't worked out at all?  Spring is a wonderful time to revive that area of your life. It can get monotonous, not just for you but for your muscles as well. Shake things up by taking a new class, doing a new workout video you’ve never tried, or jogging down a new trail. I'm confident you have the itch to spend more time outdoors in the warmer weather, so this change will do you good!

Makeover Your Eating

It's the perfect time to give your eating habits a makeover, too. Take notice of how you feel on a daily basis, are you feeling energized? Sluggish? Exhausted and crashing by 2 pm? What you're eating is a tremendous piece of the answer, whatever you may be feeling. If sluggish is more normal than energized for you -- start by incorporating more whole foods, greens and water into your daily routine. Phase out the processed foods one by one, replacing them with healthier options.

Budget for the win

Organizing and managing your current income, can seem challenging, or like a daunting task. Whether it’s because of changes to your income or feeling like you need more. Even in these situations, we can always make some adjustments to improve our financial situation. That's what this spring renewal is all about, so take this chance to take a good look at your finances and notice what changes can be made. See what extra, non-essential expenses can be cut, ways you can increase your income, how you can begin saving more for a rainy day or big expenses, and what areas you can use your financial resources to give back to those in need.

Try Something New

Now is the perfect time to try something new! It is so invigorating to fuel our quest for creativity and to treat yourself!  So take that online class you've been eyeing. Try a painting or cooking class. Learn a new language or discover something else you’ve always wanted to try. Find things that make you come alive and feel creative.

Spring cleaning your life with these 7 tips will help you revive and refresh your whole life -not just your home. For even more ways to "spruce up" your life, make sure you are finding ways to practice self-care daily and set goals for this season that are sustainable and achievable. This is all a part of your evolution- becoming the best version of yourself - and in turn, a better mama, so enjoy as you organize your life and make small manageable changes that help you live, laugh and grow in this season!

What areas of your life are you looking to “spruce up” with tasks to spring clean your life? 


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