Holiday Gift Guide for Busy Moms

Holiday Gift Guide for Busy Moms

The holidays offer a special time to stop and show the moms in your life that they are appreciated. Whether she's a working mom, a stay at home mom, a homeschooling mom or everything in between, nowadays moms are busier than ever!  As a busy mom myself, I can attest that motherhood is filled with many layers and sometimes the busyness of daily life can leave us moms feeling overshadowed and overwhelmed at times. 

So here's a tip that is guaranteed to warm the heart of the busy mama in your life...when it comes to gifts, give gifts that are simple, thoughtful, and most of all, helpful. Flowers and cards are nice, but if you are looking for something more personal and resourceful, that will go beyond the day, this gift guide is for you!  Gifts that keep giving and go beyond the commercialized holiday will give the busy mom in your life permission to slow down and take care of herself. 

1. Prepared Meal Subscription
For a busy mom, getting a healthy, home cooked meal on the table can be challenge sometimes, especially after a long day. So why not gift her some prepared meals that she can prepare with ease? Not the ones from the deli counter (even though they may be tasty), but a few meals from a meal order service. These companies send everything needed for a tasty meal, with recipe cards, pictures, and all the groceries needed. You can customize the order to the type of food, lifestyle and serving to fit her lifestyle. 

A friend of mine gifted me some meals from a meal subscription service last year and I loved it! I It saved me time, money and created a space for me to prepare a new meal for my children, without all of the extra work that can go into that task. I was able to pick the type of meals, the amount of servings and once I got the delivery, everything was so easy and tasty! My children and I loved it and this was a gift that was definitely helpful, thoughtful and useful beyond the one day.

2. A planner and planner accessories.

Planning is a great way to help busy moms keep everything in order for their day, their week, and monthly, so gifting a great planner and pretty accessories can help her do just that! With the planner and the accessories, she can manage her time in a way that works for her so she can get the important things done and also create more time to do the things she loves. She can create a block schedule for her work hours, doctors appointments, plan meals, and my favorite- Plan her self-care tasks!

3. Cleaning Services 

I don't know any busy mom that wouldn't want this! Gifting this service can help alleviate stress and provide more free time for her to do more of what she wants to do with her time. This gift can be given in various forms, whether a one time deep cleaning service or a package deal, where these services are provided weekly, bi weekly or a fixed number of visits. Whatever you choose, I'm sure the busy mom in your life would appreciate a helping hand. 

4. A Day of rest.

Imagine the gratefulness the busy mama in your life will feel when she is given a day to just rest and be... She can choose to catch up on all her self-care activities, get some sleep, get her favorite latte at the local coffee shop or do absolutely nothing! When you gift a day of rest for the mama in your life, have the plans for the kiddos already in order. You can take clues from her about what her ideal day would look like, but taking a hands on approach and planning whatever else she needs to relax will allow her to enjoy that time -to revive herself.

5. Gift Cards.

This is a great gift idea because it gives moms the freedom to purchase something for themselves - without guilt! When thinking about gift cards, make sure the ones you give are Mama-friendly and Mama-Specific- giving more focus to her hobbies or pampering, like a massage, manicure, cosmetics stores or even electronics… in other words, give her a gift card to use in a place where she will only be able to buy for herself.

I know that may seem a little challenging but think about it, most moms are “busy” doing things for other people. I know when I used to get cash gifts, I somehow found myself in the toy aisle or at a children’s clothing store on a shopping spree - buying everything that I may have had my eye on already or simply “finding” things that were so cute I couldn’t resist! The thing is, it was for the kiddos, and not me. THE TEMPTATION WAS REAL!

So to ensure that the mama in your life will focus on herself, give gift cards that allow her the freedom, but help her to take time to focus on the things she likes.


This guide is simple but full of gifts that keep on giving! Time, help around the home, and self-care are things that all the moms in your life can definitely benefit from… and the great thing is, these gifts are not just limited to the holiday season. You can choose to give any one of these gifts, at any time throughout the year, to show the busy mom in your life that she is appreciated, loved and acknowledged and most of all- she is a gift!




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