As busy moms, keeping our homes and lives running as smoothly as possible - while also having time to relax and do things we enjoy- can seem like a mythical and simply unattainable idea! However, planning and organizing how we spend our time throughout the day and between different tasks and activities (Time Management) is key to achieving this! Using time management as a mom, helps us keep the chaos at bay (for the most part), Our homes cleaned (well, at least livable), healthy meals on the table and most of all... Keeps us SANE and on top of things! - which in turn allows us to get the most important things done, even when it feels like time is limited. 


What is evolution mama?

Evolution Mama is a Holistic Lifestyle brand and online community designed to teach busy moms how to take back control of their life, so they can finally have time for the self-care and relaxation they crave. Our signature coaching programs, planning products, workshops and events, helps busy moms go from Frazzled, Stressed & Overwhelmed to Peaceful, Happy & Productive. 

It all started when…

I was at home sulking one day about my life as a mom with 5 children, whose house was always a mess and who was totally grumpy and exhausted before I even woke up and started my day! My "What's for dinner?" narrative typically involved fighting through a sink full of dishes, pots and pans and flying by the seat of my yoga/pajama pants to figure out what to make, only to wind up serving a mash up of either sub par food or ordering take out. I was frazzled, overwhelmed and riddled with guilt about all the "wouldas, couldas, and shouldas"of the day, and I realized that I had to do something different if I wanted my time, my days, my health & energy and my home to meet my own standards! So I went back to what worked best for me in my "glory days"- when I was attending college, interning, and working part-time while raising my oldest son ... Planning and Time Management. I started planning my days using my old hourly print-out and tweaked it to fit my current #momlife, and it made a world of difference! 

Meet cordelia, a.k.a. evolution mama


Hey! I’m Cordelia…

I'm a busy Mama of 5, Inspirational Speaker, Holistic Life Coach, and Self-Care enthusiast for busy moms.

I live for the simple things in life like a good meal, fun times with friends and the smile on my kiddos faces! I am a foodie at heart, so on any given day you can find me strolling down main street of small towns- looking for the local fare to sink my teeth into or in the kitchen with my apron on, whipping up delicious, healthy meals and baking my heart out for my family and friends.

I enjoy simple walks in nature, visiting the local parks and just breathing in the fresh air with my crew- my 5 kiddos. I love to drink tea out of pretty tea cups. I love a good novel. I'm sure I would love naps if I could take one, but that's a story for another day!

Not too long ago, I was a mom that was depressed and resentful. Day in and day out, I carried the burden of bitterness, hurt and anger. I was stuck emotionally and controlled by fear, whether it was fear of loss, fear of failure and just plain anxiety about my future.

I was losing hope that I could accomplish my dreams and live the life I wanted to live. At every turn, I found a reason why I could NOT do something- whether it was money, time, caring for my children... You name it - I saw it as an obstacle. I was beyond overwhelmed, and at my lowest point, I felt helpless, exhausted and I was tired of taking care of everyone else, while feeling neglected and worn down.

Then came the moment when I was hoping and praying for a change - just longing for my life to be different. I wanted an opportunity to show up so I can just take it...and then it hit me... that's what I needed to do!

Take the opportunity, by finding contentment in what I already had and making the best use of the time I already had!

So I took some time to find out what I really wanted in life and what was most important. I used the answers to those questions to create goals and guide my monthly, weekly and daily tasks. I started deliberately taking time for self-care and created systems for meal planning, budgeting and managing my home on a daily basis! I found my old time log that I used in my college days and tweaked it to fit my #MomLife and this completely changed the direction of my life!

Now I get up and start my days with intention and joy. I have direction, clarity and purpose, and I am able to get the important things done, while having plenty of time for self-care, reflection and relaxation. The techniques I used to manage my time and organize my life, allowed me to go back to school and become a certified Integrative Health Coach, start a blog, homeschool my children and build a business that I love. My life is fulfilling, balanced and productive- not just busy!

I'm a firm believer that as moms, we must find OUR way to be the best version of our selves, and by planning and managing our time- we are able to make ourselves a priority and find time to do more of the things we love- all while mastering this thing called #MomLife! 

Let's walk this journey of peace and productivity together. Start Here.